Hmong Archives is a repository for collecting and preserving Hmong materials, reflecting the history of our people. Our Collections, with over 171,000 items, document the story of the Hmong community in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, as well as Hmong communities around the world. The materials are varied and significant, including documents, books, photographs, videos, sound recordings, brochures, newspapers, periodicals, cards, maps, and cultural objects such as musical instruments and paj ntaub. Together they create a representation and record of Hmong history and culture.

History: The origin of Hmong Archives is a story of a deep sense of responsibility to the community. In 1998 residents of Saint Paul and Minneapolis were called together by Yuepheng Xiong to discuss what actions they could take to actively preserve Hmong history. They were historians, scholars, and business people who recognized that the preservation of Hmong heritage is important to communicating our history to the world, and were concerned that there had not been a targeted effort to collect and preserve Hmong materials by themselves, the larger Hmong community, or the community at large. From this conversation, the idea of the Hmong Archives (Hmong Nationality Archives until 2004) was formed. Through generous donors and volunteers, the Archives became a reality and has been collecting and preserving donations of cultural materials since incorporating as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit on 10 February 1999.