About the Collections

Currently we have no catalog of our 188,824 accessioned items. We are creating an Access catalog with individual records and photos for over 26,000 website records of our Archival Boxes, Books, Maps, Newspapers, Objects, Periodicals, Posters, and Works of Art, and then WorldCat records so you will be able to search by Author, Title, or Subject at any time or place.

BOOKS (6,412 volumes) with WorldCat records are shelved by Library of Congress classification. They will be the first to be cataloged, but hundreds of Chinese, English, Hmong, Lao, Thai, and Vietnamese titles not in WorldCat will require original cataloging. Many of our books have less than ten WorldCat owners.

AUDIO (3,202 items) and VIDEO (5,145 items) materials are being listed on three Excel documents for Documentaries, Films, and Musicians. Documentaries include only Videos and are listed by Library of Congress classification number. Films are also only Videos and are listed alphabetically by title, with both Hmong and other language titles listed. Musicians are from cassettes, CDs, phonographs records, tapes, and videos, with the main entry under the first named musician, as well as entries for other named performers. Clan names are standardized (thus Lao, Lauj, and Lo are all under Lor), but first names are recorded as presented, with cross references if variations appear (e.g. Tou and Tub under Tub, but note at Tou to see Tub)

STATISTICS for 188,824 accessioned items as of 31 January 2016 are:

Archival boxes 144 Files 113,749 Photographs 20,397
Audio 3,202 Maps 852 Posters 6,146
Books 6,412 Newspapers 3,832 Videos 5,145
Cards 18,215 Objects 5,872 Works of Art 465
Periodicals 4,526