Hmong Resource Fair

The Hmong Resource Fair was held in Saint Paul at the East Side YMCA on Saturday, October 4. Once again we shared space with Hmong Cultural Center and experienced the excitement collecting brochures from many vendors, meeting hundreds of young visitors, and handing out many Information sheets with the hope of connecting with donors and visitors, such as Noupaul Yang from Central High School.

The hundred Vang Xiong 1980s and early 1990s Ban Vinai color photocopies remain a popular draw as visitors search for familiar faces. We also have found great interest in Paul Hattaway’s book, Operation China, featuring hundreds of ethnic groups, including many Hmong groups.

We displayed and discussed new Archives materials about Hmong military in Iraq and H. H. Vang’s novel, Flowers for Elizabeth. Both received favorable interest and comments, and are featured in separate blogs. This is to say thank you for the volunteer hours of Barbara and Ying, and our Hmong Cultural Center neighbors Mark and Ying (who did double duty).

Kazoua Kong Thao—you are doing a wonderful job with the Hmong Resource Fair. May it prosper for many years to come!

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