Hmong Military in Iraq

At Hmong Archives the Secret War in Laos, 1962-1975, occupies many book and video shelves. Monuments to commemorate the veterans’ service are found in California, Wisconsin, French Guiana, and (soon) Minnesota. But what do we have about Hmong Americans serving in Iraq (and Afghanistan)? Our “Military in Hmong Archives Files” lists about 75 names, including four who have died in service: Qixing Lee, Thai Vue, and Kham See and Kou Xiong. We also have the book, Private Soldiers, a Year in Iraq with a Wisconsin National Guard Unit, by Benjamin Buchholz that lists several Hmong from various Wisconsin cities.
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Hmong Resource Fair

The Hmong Resource Fair was held in Saint Paul at the East Side YMCA on Saturday, October 4. Once again we shared space with Hmong Cultural Center and experienced the excitement collecting brochures from many vendors, meeting hundreds of young visitors, and handing out many Information sheets with the hope of connecting with donors and visitors, such as Noupaul Yang from Central High School.
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COLLECTING THREADS: the Hmong Archives tribute to our donors and paj ntaub collections.

On 10 February 2014 Hmong Archives quietly completed 15 years of collecting and preserving 165,000 Hmong materials (Hmoob teej twg) from over 950 donors worldwide.  Our exhibit is to thank our donors and volunteers for their contributions, and to honor the skills, imagination, and innovation of Hmong women’s thread and needles that have created paj ntaub over the centuries.

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