Wish List

Hmong Archives collects older cassettes and CDs, VHS and DVD videos, and many other materials at Freedom Festival, the Hmong New Years, on other shopping expeditions, and from almost 1000 donors worldwide. As our collections are cataloged, we discover empty cases and missing or broken items to be replaced, as well as other parts or issues or volumes that we learn have been produced. We will also want to collect materials in areas where we have small collections. Our Wish List will be divided into Collections (for audio, books, newspapers, periodicals, etc.) and Support (for equipment, furniture, supplies, etc.). If you have something on the list, please contact us at support@hmongarchives.org or call 651-621-5469. Ua tsaug and Thank you.


The Best collection vol. 1, sponsored by IHHI and Bangkok Travel Service, Ena Yang, agent, ca. 2006 CD

Dysfunktional Family, with Verbal, Mr. Rogers, Choyce, and Johnny Doe on the cover, ca. 2006 CD

Nkauj Hmoob / Reflections, Koudo Vue, Valdese, NC, 2000 CD

Nraug Hmoob Meskas / Mike Hai [Vang], v.1, 2003 CD

Ua cas koj quaj / Wm Vaj, v.1, ca. 2004 CD




Microfilm file cabinet, metal, 8 drawers