Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

Your interest in any aspect of Hmong culture can be turned into valuable contributions as an intern or volunteer at Hmong Archives.  Since we became a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit in 1999, our volunteer staff has accessioned over 188,000 items.  Help us make Hmong culture available to researchers and the general public if you have computer, language (Chinese, French, Hmong, Lao, Thai, or Vietnamese), library, or museum skills, and a curiosity about anything Hmong.  Internships would be suitable at any academic level, and volunteers for a few hours or long term.  We have five internship needs:


Description: Hmong Archives has used 13 categories of materials to accession over 188,000 items—but cataloged nothing.  To make our collections useful to researchers and the public, everything must be cataloged, often with a photographic image to accompany the text.  Interns would perform a variety of Collections tasks, or concentrate on the materials in a specific category.


  • Prepare accession forms from donations
  • Enter accession forms into monthly computer records
  • Complete monthly statistics forms
  • Inform Outreach/Public Relations about items for news releases
  • Write inventories for Archival Boxes and other collections
  • Digitize Cards, Photographs, etc., and write finding aids
  • Photograph materials for catalog records
  • Proofread catalog records for accuracy and correct errors

Requirements: Good command of spoken and written English and Hmong, with knowledge of other languages helpful.  Archives, library, or museum interest and/or experience an advantage.  Interest in accuracy and detailed work.  Basic camera and computer skills.

Majors: Library and information science, museology, computer science, communications, general humanities courses, especially ethnic or Asian studies.



Description: Hmong Archives participates in several cultural events and conferences each year.  An intern would assist in preparing schedules and exhibit materials, presentations, and news releases, as well as evaluating the experience.


  • Prepare an events schedule from records in files
  • Search Web and news sources for appropriate upcoming events and inform staff
  • Select materials to be exhibited and write descriptions
  • Prepare appropriate signs and brochures
  • Write news releases with the Outreach/Public Relations intern
  • Assist at the event and record comments
  • Prepare an evaluation after the event, including expenses and recommendations

Requirements: Good command of spoken and written English and Hmong, with knowledge of other languages helpful.  Good communications skills, and interest in presenting Hmong Archives to the public.  Design and computer skills needed to prepare materials for exhibits.

Majors: anthropology with museology, ethnic studies, communications, theater, computer science.



Description: Hmong Archives seeks to increase awareness of our organization and its resources locally, nationally, and beyond.  Interns will learn about our current collections and needs, and present them in words and images to the public through mass media and presentations at events.


  • Assist with design and production of brochures, signage, on line materials
  • Prepare and update a media contact system
  • Prepare news releases about collections and new contributions
  • Furnish media outlets with news releases
  • Assist with presentations
  • Assist Events/Exhibits interns
  • Photograph collections and events

Requirements: good command of spoken and written English and Hmong, with knowledge of other languages helpful.  Knowledge of social media and appropriate media markets between local and international.  Possess computer skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PhotoShop.

Majors: communications, computer science, advertising, photography.



Description: Hmong Archives Collections include Hmong and related materials in a wide variety of formats and languages from China and Southeast Asia, as well as the post-1975 international diaspora.  Interns will research topics and materials to develop guides or publications about the many aspects of Hmong culture.


  • Select social, material culture, or geographic topics from our collections for research
  • Search the Web and other institutions for additional information
  • Prepare a written report for news releases and posting on our website
  • Prepare a suggestion list of wanted materials

Requirements: good command of spoken and written English and Hmong, with knowledge of other languages helpful.  Interest in exploring Hmong culture.  Research, writing, and computer skills to produce final documents.

Majors: library, anthropology or other social sciences, communications, computer science



Description: Hmong Archives is limited in its computer technology by finances and its old leadership’s skills and training.  Interns would provide a vital service by studying our current equipment and programs and working on improvements.


  • Work with staff and interns to solve computer problems
  • Develop improved computer programs to make daily tasks simpler and move information as needed
  • Suggest equipment and programs that would improve our technical abilities

Requirements: good command of spoken and written English and Hmong, with knowledge of other languages helpful.  Ability to work with people with various levels of computer skills.  Knowledge of computer use in managing libraries, museums, and similar institutions advantageous.

Majors: computer science, communications, library or museum experience.