Flowers for H. H. Vangh

Boy meets girl in this romantic novel by H. H. Vangh, Flowers for Elizabeth. I saw the colorful posters taped to the fences at the July 4th Freedom Fest in Saint Paul and moved the book to my bedside reading stack. After a short week of reading, all was revealed!

Richard, a rich and handsome young man in a big Eastern city, found his favorite table in his favorite restaurant occupied by a very beautiful, curvaceous young Saint Paul woman with long black hair, Elizabeth. They glanced hurriedly and secretly at each other, and cupid’s arrows must have struck before she vanished. Hours later Richard saved Elizabeth from a mugging, and their romance and lives together began. Endless chuckles and soft giggles filled their lives during the first 200 pages as their love for each other solidified in spite of Richard’s vengeful mother and girlfriend. Those dreamy giggles and chuckles, with some laab and spicy pho, suddenly ended in a nightmare that moved the story back and forth from New York City to Saint Paul for several more nights of reading.

H. H. Vangh, flowers to you for Flowers for Elizabeth! I hope you have many more novels in the works.

One thought on “Flowers for H. H. Vangh

  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review. As a writer, all I could do was to put my work out there and hope for the best. I hope you enjoyed reading the story as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. And yes, I do have another book coming out this summer. I also have one more in the works. Again, thank you.

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