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Hmong Resources Online

There is a community of Hmong organizations and businesses online that provides products and services in various areas of interest and outreach. As such, if you are searching for something at Hmong Archives but did not find it here, please check out these other websites.

  • Hmong Embroidery is a virtual textiles museum displaying many traditional and modern paj ntaub (or story cloths). The exhibit is aim to educate people about the many different types of Hmong embroidery and the symbolic meanings attached to the motifs commonly used in Hmong embroidered art works. This website was developed by Hmong Archives and Hmong Cultural Center through collaborative effort with funding provided by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Asian Pacific Endowment of the Saint Paul Foundation.
  • Hmong Wedding and Funeral are two books translated into English and readily available for purchase. The books are entitled Tshoob Kos (Wedding Procedures) and Kev Cai Pam Tuag (Funeral Procedures). Earlier versions of the books were compiled by Tougeu Leepalao at the Hmong Cultural Center but only available in the Hmong RPA script and in limited quantity. This is the first time these two books are available for purchase in English.
  • Hmong ABC is the first bookstore of its kind. It sells many wonderful Hmong arts, crafts, videos, and a large selection of books on Hmong.
  • Hmoob Mojthem is a radio station dedicated to reaching out to the Hmong community about the importance of Hmong support, unity, liberty, social changes, success, education, culture and history.
  • Just Hmong is a social network website for everyone who is interested in chatting, networking, meeting and sharing your experiences with other Hmong individuals from around the globe.
  • Hmong Cultural Center is the “primary Hmong and Asian American organization in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area that provides community outreach activities related to multicultural education for the purposes of promoting positive race relations in the Twin Cities community.” (Source: Hmong Cultural Center)
  • Center for Hmong Arts & Talent is an arts organization that is dedicated to “strengthening the Hmong community by connecting them to the engaging and empowering benefits of the arts.” In addition, CHAT “value the arts as a source for individual empowerment and as a means for social change by communicating messages that affect the larger community as a whole.” (Source: Center for Hmong Arts & Talent)
  • Hmong Food is a cookbook website aim to provide Hmong recipes and other Asian cuisines. For anyone, whether Hmong or non-Hmong who would like to learn how to cook some Hmong food and other Asian cuisines, you should certainly visit this website. Get your pots and pans out, meat and vegetables, light the fire and start your cooking. There are many delicious foods you can cook!
  • Hmong National Development is an organization that “works with local and national organizations, public and private entities, and individuals to promote educational opportunities, to increase community capacity, and to develop resources for the well-being, growth, and full participation of Hmong in society.” (Source: Hmong National Development)